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His personal investigation focuses on the dynamics of dialogue and participation in relation to human feelings, relations and behaviours, in the context of contemporary society. Through installations and participatory events he invites the public to engage in a constructive dialogue on current themes, emphasising the hidden mechanisms on which people, relationships and structures are based. He strongly believes in the importance of working in a public environment aiming to generate an interstice within the existing social and economic system. Alongside numerous exhibitions in London and internationally, he has curated Public View 2008 and has been guest lecturer at the Visual perception and communication course at the University of Florence.


Residencies ::

May-June 2016_Pavijoen Aan Het Water, Rotterdam, (NL)

Nov 2014-Oct 2015_Code 5, East Street Arts/Goodwin Development Trust, Kingston upon Hull, (UK)

Dec 2013-Jan 2014_Slow Cities, Florence, (IT)

Jun 2011_ BAT, Istanbul, (TR)

May 2007_ La fotografia come arte/L’arte come fotografia (Photography as art/Art as photography), Curated by Fiammetta Strigoli, Cassero Senese, Grosseto (IT)


Main Commissions ::

May-June 2016_The Panilion, Commissioned by Stichting NAC and Stichting CAW, Rotterdam, (NL)

Nov 2013-In progress_ Tinata Brazil, Sao Paulo, (BR)

Oct 2013_ Seminar commissioned by: Vassar College, NY, (US)

Mar-Sep 2013_ Lunch o'Clock, commissioned by: Studio Weave, London, (UK)

May 2012_ Mint Street Park public engagment, commissioned by: Southwark Council, London, (UK)

Feb 2011_ The Composers, commissioned by: Tate Britain, London, (UK)

Jun 2009_ PLAY!, commissioned by: Micro, Florence (IT)


Curatorial Projects ::

Feb 2012-ongoing_ TINATA-This Is Not A Take Away, London (UK)

Jun 2008_ Public View, Hackney, London (UK)


Main Exhibitions ::

Jul 2011_ 54th Venice Biennale - Italian Pavilion, Museo Pecci, Prato, (IT)

Jun 2011_ İNSAN NE İÇİN YAŞAR? (What Do You Live For?), PASAJist, Istanbul, (TR)

Apr 2011_ La popolazione intraprende attività incredibili ed esaltanti (People undertake incredible and heady activities), curated by Katia Giuliani, Libreria Edison, Florence, (IT)

Jan 2010_ ZOOart, Giardini Fresia, Cuneo, (IT)

Sep 2009_ Don't talk to the driver (please), curated by Anna Babini, Sanford Walk, London, (UK)

Sep 2009_ The mind is like a mirror, curated by Francesca Banchelli, Forte Bazzera, Tessera, Venice, (IT)

Sep 2009_ BJCEM, XIV Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Skopje (MK)

Sep 2009_ Macedonia!, curated by Jelena Trajkoska and Elena Veljanovska, The stone bridge, Skopje (MK)

Jun 2009_ GeneratiON '80, Curated by Niccolò Bonechi and Gabriele Tosi, Atrio del Tribunale, Pistoia (IT)

Jun 2009_ GeneratiON '80, Curated by Niccolò Bonechi and Gabriele Tosi, peripheral event to the Venice Biennale 2009, Modenarte gallery, Venice (IT)

Mar 2009_ ROTTE METROPOLITANE - Florence is submerged, Curated by Marco Brizzi, Villa Romana, Florence (IT)

Mar 2009_ 3 Trees, 3 Months, Participative event, Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, London (UK)

Jan 2007_ ARTEVIDEOR(TE)MPOATTIVO, Curated by Fiammetta Strigoli, Plasma, Florence (IT)

Jun 2006_ Be Visual, Curated by "Il Sicomoro", Ex-Macelli, Prato (IT)

Jun 2006_ Private flat #1, Curated by Meridiano 12, Via Faenza 73, Florence (IT)

Apr 2006_ Visual Works 06, (non-competing) special mention, SESV, Florence (IT)

Feb-Mar 2006_ Traffic Zone, Curated by Lorenzo Bruni, Galleria civica di arte contemporanea, Trento (IT)

Jan 2006_ Rotte Metropolitane 2005 Curated by Lorenzo Bruni, SESV, Florence (IT)

Nov 2005_ INTIMACY (human people), Campbell Works gallery, London (UK)

Oct 2005_ Racconti dall'interno, Il giardino del thé tea room, Prato (IT)

Sep 2005_ Al di qua del giorno // Abitare la città, curated by Vittorio Corsini, Piazza del Duomo, Prato (IT)

Sep-Oct 2004_ Habitat, Ex-macelli, Prato (IT)


Main Publications::

Flash Art magazine, April 2011

"Rotte metropolitane - Florence is submerged", M&M, Italy, 2009

"Rotte metropolitane", M&M, Italy, 2005

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