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Code 5 // Hull Street Games (Videos and posters)

Community engagement project (part of the Code 5 Artist Residency) aimed to raise awareness on Climate Change issues among the residents of the Thornton Estate in Hull.

Play is an important activity, it is non-productive, requires cooperation, can help developing relationships and social skills.
Playing outdoor brings more awareness of our surroundings and the environment, which usually leads to more respect for the area we live in. It also creates memories that people will remember in the future, contributing to a sense of belonging.
It keeps people fit....and it is usually fun!
This project aimed to encourage people to spend more time outdoor and to play with others.

Together with local kids, we produced video tutorials on traditional street games. We then explored the local area looking for unused open spaces where these games could be played. Finally, we designed and posted posters to invite people to play more in these areas, also providing links to the videos.




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