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Code 5 // The Sea Is Closer Than You Think - I (Installation)

Community engagement project (part of the Code 5 Artist Residency) aimed to raise awareness on Climate Change issues among the residents of the Thornton Estate.

Together with Year 5 and 3 children from Adelaide Primary School, we looked at what Climate Change is, what it is causing it and how we can stop it.
The outcome of these workshops was a large public installation on the school fence, that children helped to make, to spread the message outside the school boundaries. Children made sculptures using clay and recycled materials.

One of the most recent scientific reports on sea level change predicted a potential rise of 2m to happen within the 21st century. The area where the school is located is only just 1m above sea level. The light blue line of fabric you can see on the fence is to show how high the sea level could be.


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