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macedonia! (participative event)

In the Italian language the word "macedonia" is used to describe fruit salad. “macedonia” is a typical summer dessert made from different types of fruit mixed together.
With this event, the artist is playing a word game, while making an attempt for merging the various communities living in Skopje through the making of a big "macedonia". The various ethnic groups (Macedonians, Albanians, Roma, Turkish, Serbs and Bosnians) living in different areas of the city are invited to bring a piece of fruit on the day of the event, and in that way to take part in the process. Only with all the various ingredients it is possible to make a "macedonia". The fruit salad will be offered for free to the passers-by as a product of the mixed different cultures that are part of the city.
Prior to the event, the project was advertised with flyers addressing the different communities in their respective languages.
The chosen location for this event was the Stone Bridge, which links and separates the two sides of the city. The time was 19.16, when also festing muslims could start eating.



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