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You and I don't tend to have long discussion when we meet (mixed media installation)

It is a site-specific work , produced within the city of Skopje for the Skopje Biennial 2009.
'You and I don't tend to have long discussion when we meet' is the meeting point of two mediums: photography and phonography.
Acoustic and photographic images of trees are taken to document 7 different locations in Skopje.
This work is about the photographic image, which allows us to present the world in a certain way and, at the same time, it is about the message given through the sound.

Plants unlikely any other live organisms are not able to escape from the environment they happened to grow.
Having the ability to move does not necessarily give a possibility for human beings to move away from the environment they are in or from the environment they create. In that sense, people are like trees, the only difference is that people are able to change their environment.
Giving the parallel between trees and people artists encourage the viewers to look and listen to what is happening around them, how it affects them and in what way.


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