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Michelangelo (participative event)

A stall at the market. The value of the objects placed on the table is not quantified following economic or monetary principles. Objects will be either given as a gift or exchanged, together with the story that link them to their original owner.
To acknowledge the personal value assigned by people, is to disown the spectacle value attached by the economic system. The gift as an example of a “new” social market system that infiltrates in an established market system where, as Debord argues, everything from feelings to goods is provided to us by the mediation of a purchase of a tangible object. Barter gains relevance in those moments in history when the proportion between value of currency and its buying power is perceived as being illogical. To assign an intimate value is an attempt to get around the factitious monetary system. The increase or the decrease of the number of objects present on the stall will respectively mirror people’s tendency to give or to take.


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