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Have you just realized how fast the time flies?....Is plastic surgery too expensive?...you can’t convince them that you had a lot of hair once, can you?...Now, for you, there is…

Preserve Yourself!
Send the image of your best days, the picture of you as a child, of that great party, at the university, the first trip, the best trip, that legendary day, when you shaved your head, scarred, with your pimply skin, when wrinkles were long to come, when you were covered with mud in the forest, or sweaty in the middle of the desert, under the sun on a Caribbean beach, wearing a sombrero, dressed like Zorro or a bunny girl, drunk, chic, serious, fool…in other words, the picture of you that you would like to last forever, that part of you that you would like to be everlasting and immutable…Preserve Yourself! will keep it…and, in it at least, you will always be like that, at your best, out of time and far from the events!
Send your picture (Dimension at least 600x600 pxl) to preserve@blimp.it adding your name, surname and the consent to use your picture.


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