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Take a sit! (installation/audio/photography)

During ROTTE metropolitane’05, and in "Traffic zone" later, Silvio Palladino shows three installations titled “Take a sit!”. The aim is to express a critic and a reflection about the role of contemporary art in the public space, and particularly referring to the city of Florence. The first installation, placed at the entrance of the exhibition, provocatively asks the audience to wear plastic gloves, as those used at supermarkets, in order to preserve the expositive space, that is part of the city. This represents a critic to a commitment to preserve the city. The second critic consists of a recording to which the audience is invited to listen on headphones. The recording consists of a reflection in the form of a dialogue (the voice talks to the spectator) about the relationship between city and contemporary art. The listener can see a picture that represents the extreme attempt to interact between urban space and unrelated elements. The third installation is realized with a number of chairs that are so close to one another that they cannot be used. In front of them, on the floor, there is a writing: “Take a sit!” It wants to show the opportunities that the city could offer, and the impossibility to live them.


recording text (Italian .pdf 20Kb)


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