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Time disease ::  “I met spring during winter // I found autumn in summer“ (photography)

We can distinguish two different types of time as a concept; one is the time of the nature, which tends to be objective, mechanical and irreversible, where every second is exactly the same as the others. The second concept of time is the time that the humans perceive subjectively, where every moment reflects feelings from the past (memory), the present, and the future (imagination), together. What really makes the difference between these two concepts of time, evidently, is “movement” (our experiences). The photographic medium shows what has happened, more than what the image supposedly represents, and it leaves us wondering what could happen, or even what will happen, wondering about what there could be out of that frame as an image. Within this project, pieces of reality are impressed on a no-timed, static, and natural background. They are pieces of memory or imagination, which cuts the certainty of things, and aimed at something that we cannot see, leaving us with a conflict of interest over what is real and what comes from our consciousness.

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