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The only method we have to elude forgetfulness is to keep memories, in form of mental or tangible images. Photography, since it has been invented, has been covered with the authority of an incontrovertible proof as a mechanical reproduction of reality. We, as humans, create archives, family albums, we publish newspapers, magazines, books, and we fill them with images as an attempt to fix reality in a state of artificial eternity. For this project, I have collected hundreds of leaves from three different trees located within Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park in London (map), a park that also includes the Imperial War Museum and the Tibetan Peace Garden. I then photographed and printed on acetate each single leaf.
On Saturday 7 March 2009, I went back to the park, with all the prints and a few ladders. I then started to hang the images of the leaves back on the trees. Leaves were given to passersby and to the people attending the event. The participants could either follow my action or do with the leaves whatever they wanted. People were encouraged to document the event through photographs and videos. All the documentation acquired will be edited in a video.
The drama of keeping something from dying or disappearing is acted through the re-producibility and the theoric eternity of the photographic medium. But the piece is material therefore mortal. Its immortality lies in the viewer's memory and in the reaction achieved. The passer-by is the audience and the co-author of the work and the aim of the project is in his/her relation with the object. The work itself is a removable souvenir.
The title refers to the number of trees I have chosen to use in relation with the number of months of the wintertime. Autumn is the season when the trees lose their leaves, spring the season when they start blooming again, in between there is winter which lasts for three months. We may forget the trees as they were. My project aims to keep that memory alive.

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